Logic pro x default folder free download

Logic pro x default folder free download

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Board index Music Software Logic Pro. How do I change the default save folder? Right-click on the folder on your external hard drive and select “Make Alias” or something like that, I’m at work right now and can’t remember exactiy what it says.

I read your reply while he had me on hold, then when he returned I offered the alias suggestion, he said it was not supported by logic.

I set Logic alias folder up just like you said and it seems to work just as I wanted. Thanks, nowaksound. TheDriller Posts: 56 Joined: Thu Dec 25, am Tue Jul 21, pm Awesome, i was just about to post the very same question i’m contemplating buying a 1TB internal drive to use as a “Logic Disk”, and was wondering how to change the save path. Very very useful workaround. Or do you prefer to have the audio files spewn randomly onto your drives, is that it?

Music helps not the toothache. We don’t need no steenking folders. No word of a lie I have a friend who is still on a PC and Logic 5. I mean this includes bounces, you name it.

I want it to default to my audio drive, not my startup disc. The alias thing works great, been using it doe a while. Very helpful. Logic Pro X Thanks SO much for the help! Working with Logic Pro Took me 10 seconds to do the whole thing. All my files are saved in both locations: the external drive And the internal drive. I’m not sure this will work for us since the internal drive is fairly small.

Am I missing something? It’s , but Apple still can’t grasp the concept of people using Cloud drives more and more. One of the few complaints I have about Apple devs is that they still haven’t considered that people will want to do this. Created an alias to the desktop folder I just made.

Renamed the alias Logic. Dropped the newly created Logic alias into the Music folder. I made this post in the hopes that Google will index for more searches so others will find it.

Thanks for the nice, dusty old solution to change the default folder that Logic looks for when starting Logic Pro.



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